What am I not seeing?

Are there stories here that would surprise me?

What can I learn about this place that is overlooked by the typical traveler?

How do I uncover those stories?


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Beyond the Facade

The Reality Abroad Journal is all about discovering the world hidden from the typical traveler.

Beyond the facade

Even at the most iconic travel destinations—where millions of tourists visit each year—stories hide just out of sight of casual observers.

The Reality Abroad Journal uncovers those stories and delivers them to you by email.

It also helps you detect and uncover stories on you own. The stories enhance your travel experiences and reveal aspects of destinations overlooked by most people, including many locals.

Following your curiosity

The Reality Abroad Journal is dedicated to inquisitive individuals who enjoy following their curiosities abroad and discovering the world overlooked by the average person.

These discoveries not only enhance travel experiences, they offer a deeper understanding of the destinations and the people who inhabit them. You see each location differently with each new story.

Who we are

The Reality Abroad Journal was born in the curiosity of Alan Parrish, a retired police sergeant from the U.S. For over three decades, Alan has asked questions and scanned his surroundings for threads to stories that broaden his understanding of the world.

The locations Alan visits are not just “places,” they are collections of human stories. Alan learned to reach beyond his experience and perspective to explore a world beyond the facade. Now he shares those stories with others.


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Pay as you wish

We don’t charge a set price for the Reality Abroad Journal. So rather than pay a monthly or yearly subscription, you pay as you wish. We realize it’s a risk for us, but we want all of our interactions with subscribers to be centered on value and trust.

We also want your interests to shape our effort to uncover hidden stories. This dynamic exchange allows us to co-create value over the length of our relationship.

Regardless of what you decide to pay, we will work hard to uncover new stories and other interesting information about the world beyond the facade.

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